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Paradise by the UV Light

...the rantings of a mad scientist and crime geek

Queen Sheba
4 March 1977
I'm thirty-two years old, but I kind of feel like I'm aging backwards most of the time, at least mentally. Work-wise, I manage a small medical research lab. I like to bitch about it, but I really love my job, I feel like most of the time I really rock it out and do a pretty good job at doing something not a lot of people want to do...and I do it with a lot of dedication and intensity. I have a master's degree in forensic science, but I don't really use it professionally, I was just really lucky that my employer paid for it and I had the opportunity to get an advanced degree in a subject that really interests me.

I like to keep myself really busy with a ton of activities and a full social life. I like to bellydance, try anything new, spend time with my friends, make crafts, cook, eat, see movies, go to festivals, events, road trips, anything that gets me out of the house and puts plans on my calendar.

I'm pretty liberal politically and very liberal socially. I don't have kids and don't plan to, but my friends' children are very dear to me. I'm not very spiritual or religious, but I'm interested in the spiritualities of others as long as they're respectful and not condemning.